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  • ((Scott: Have Rogue tell him that he's the most powerful X-man we've got and we need him here to save all of us.
  • Namor: Hmph. Cyclops is right.))
  • Me: Fucking Namor.
  • Aaron: He is amazing.
  • Me: Scott is just like- this is how we handle Namor, and it fucking works.
  • Aaron: You have to stroke his ego or he wont play well with others.
  • Me: Does that fit you too? Is that why we get on so well and everyone hates us?
  • Aaron: No, I'm okay knowing how awful I am.
  • Me: Oh shut up, I was teasing. You're awesome by yourself, I don't have to placate your ego all the time.
  • Aaron: Don't you?
  • Me: Do I?
  • Aaron: Yup.
  • Me: Oh Prince Aaron. I entreat you to grace me with your presence some time today, or surely all hope will be lost.
  • Aaron: Totes.
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